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Take a glimpse at my calendar of events for this very exciting 2021!

2021 Project


Inked Magazine (Culture, Style, Art)

My Inked Magazine Photoshoot

Date: October 20, 2021

Location: Timonium Maryland

Photographer: David Moser

Theme/Style: Tattoo


Inked is a tattoo lifestyle digital media company that bills itself as the outsiders' insider media. Covering music, fashion, art, sports and the rest of the lifestyle of the tattooed, Inked, like Vice, has made the transition from the newsstand to digital media company, and a brand that sits among GQ and Vanity Fair. 

EditorRocky Rakovic

Based inNew York City

Year founded: 2004

2021 Project 

FHM (For Him Magazine)


My 2021 FHM Magazine Photoshoot

Date: November 2021

Location: Timonium Maryland

Photographer: David Moser

Theme/Style: Lingerie

FHM is a British multinational men's lifestyle magazine that was published in several countries. Its master edition contained features such as the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World, which has featured models, actresses, musicians, TV presenters, and reality stars. 

EditorNick Dimengo

CompanyBauer Media Group

First issue date: 1985


2021 Project

Steve Stephenson Photoshoot

Steve Stephenson Photoshoot

Date: August 14th, 2021

Location: Virginia Beach

Photographer: Steve Stephenson

Theme/Style: Boudoir

Steve Stephenson has had a life long love of photography, art, and music. Drawn to Fine Art, Macro and Street photography, Steve has a well established reputation for his ability to bring out the most vivid portraits of nature and life, showing you what you would like to see when you look at the world.

Vino Darius Calloway.jpg

2021 Project

Vino Darius Calloway

2021 Vino Darius Calloway Photoshoot

Date: October 2nd,  2021

Location: Virginia Beach

Photographer: Vino Darius Calloway

Theme/Style: Motorcycles, promotional, poster

With over twenty years as a photographer of various formats, from black and white to color,  still shooting film and digital formats, rebelling against time, Vino capture the raw essence in pictures that could be paintings.


2021 Project

Tattooed Women Gallery (featured)

Empowering Minds Through Tattoos, Art, Health, and Lifestyle

Tattoos make a statement, and more women than ever are using ink to tell their stories. Tattooed Women is a community where women share their body art with the world. For some women, tattoos express a deep personal meaning. For others, tattoos can be a spontaneous, split-second decision. What was once taboo is fast becoming a mainstream form of conveying values, interests, and a love of art.

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