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Meet Davena Sigler

I became interested in modeling during my high school years. It was then that I was scouted by John Casablanca Modeling School in Kansas City, Missouri, where I’m originally from. I didn't do much with my modeling career after that, everything just kind of fell to the back burner. I moved to Virginia when I turned 19. It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I was scouted by the Metro Modeling agency, here in Virginia Beach.


I began to realize that I thoroughly enjoyed being in front of the camera. I felt alive! Behind the camera, when I stepped on set, I felt I was able to be someone else for change, it electrified me in the most positive of ways. It marked a before-and-an-after in my life, from a young girl from Missouri to Davena, a completely different start! The popping sound of the umbrellas and the lights coming on was such a rush. I knew then, this is what I wanted to do indefinitely.


My very first professional gig was with Extreme Photography, to this day one of my favorite shoots. This photoshoot created many more exciting modeling opportunities. On 2008, I did my photoshoot with Wild Card Photography. From there, I went onto many more shoots and was first published with Modelz View Magazine (2013), then on Southern Vixens (2014), and the same year, I was displayed into the national calendar, Patriot Girls, in Virginia. Also in 2014, I appeared in 504 Dymes Magazine, Players Magazine, and Lifestyle Magazine. 2014 was by busiest year by far.


I made my first newsstand magazine Bizarre Magazine debut in December 2014 in B.A.D.D. Magazine (2015). This same year, I was did photoshoots for Biker Beauties Magazine and one of my most important accolades, appearance in the Online Inked Magazine, the same year. Most of this, I did while in nursing school.

I learned a lot about myself on set, how cruel and stressful, yet rewarding being a model can be. I hope to continue to inspire women everywhere to embrace their femininity and to be strong in the healthiest of ways.

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